Best Nanny Cameras

Best Nanny Cameras

It’s difficult to trust anyone at your house when you’re not watching or not home, especially when you leave your children alone with someone new to you. As a good parent you must be anxious about your kids so what you can do, you can watch them through nanny camera. Nanny cameras are popular for people who have babysitters. It’s not like you don’t trust the babysitter it’s more about you can able to watch your kids yourself and make sure everything’s fine at your house.

The market is full of many different nanny cameras, some of them are digital product form for motion capturing, some are in light or pen form for continuous video recording, their use depends on the situation or location. But there are some nanny cameras that fit on every situation such as whether you want live video on your phone or motion activated camera that consistently take care of your belongings. So here are the best of 2018.

Mini Wi-Fi cube clock spy hidden camera

It’s just perfect small digital clock hidden camera which can fit wherever you want. It’s adjustable due to its cubic little shape and stylish black design. It can be placed in child’s bedroom or living room so no one you don’t trust cheat on you.

It can be used to record 720 pixel stamped videos on a SD card which is already inserted and to watch live video through associated app. Moreover, it has a motion-activated recording option, when you need to only video someone. So it’s the best device to spy on someone and be in charge of everything while even not being at home.

Littleadd Hidden camera detector

If you want to record long duration videos it would be the great option for you, as it records upto nine hours video. This camera is like smoke detector and also placed like one, you can mount it on the wall or ceil it the way you would a smoke detector. It enables you to record 1080 pixel high definition video recordings.

It’s better than typical wifi hidden cameras those have complex model and hard to install. It’s very easy to install and further it’s less expensive than those. So it’s a perfect option for making your valuable things more secure.

House brick security cam- hidden camera

This nanny camera is very thin, perfect two way camera for kids and easily adjustable in your household items. Its length is 3.5 inches and width is 1 inch that makes it more hidden able cam than others.

It captures high definition videos of 1280-pixel which is stored on an SD card. It comes with three important functions including motion detection, sound detection and vibration detection. You can also download captured videos from it as the SD is removable, it can be connected to a computer via USB port.

Choosing this could be best for you if you want to keep your items safe at home while you’re not present. As this detect motion it triggers recording when someone enters in your room where you have your personal stuff that you don’t want anyone to steal or even borrow without your permission.

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