Cleaning home security systems

Cleaning home security systems

Cleaning or maintaining a home security system will keep the system accurate and it will last longer. You will need that annual visit of professional maintenance and in between you need to clean the system of accumulated dust and check to see if they are properly working. Here are some steps to maintain the system that maintain your home’s security.

External cleaning

Gently dust away the accumulated layers of from the device while making sure that your actions won’t set them off. You can use a good broom for this, especially if you have a lot of dust from tile floors. Use some non-alcohol based glass cleaners for the camera lenses and any glass casing on your system to keep them clear. And follow the specific cleaning regiment stated on the manual if available.

Batteries and light indicators

Plenty of gadgets run on batteries, so while cleaning be sure that the indicator lights are properly functioning and that the battery housing are not rusted or if the batteries are not bloated. Like the case on remote controls and a few other devices. Batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years or according to battery specifications.

Camera and sensor status

If you have cameras and sensors, make sure they are pointed in the right direction. Also check the recording devices attached you want them to work properly when emergency happens. When there are anything that looks wrong with them quickly contact the provider’s tech support.

Control panel test

A lot of security systems have a test most and can be accessible via the Control Panel. The diagnosis of the test mode will tell you more about your security system especially in places where you cannot reach. Be sure to notify your security system provider if you are going to conduct a test, s faulty control panel might send wrong signals.

Smoke detectors

Replace these devices as needed or recommended for maximum performance and they need to be annually inspected by trained providers, do not self-test your fire and smoke detectors as to not make a false alarm.

Outdoor devices

Make sure there is no corroded part on the device if there is, schedule a replacement especially when the corroded part are inside the casing of the device. Wipe the glass parts of the device as often as needed, dirt easily accumulates outside. Check if the devices get ample lighting so that you can see the recordings clearly. Lastly, make sure that no plant life is blocking the devices.

Recording device

Delete old and useless recordings the storage devices before they are filled to capacity or at least once a year if the storage capacity allows it. Dust off all accumulated dirt from the device as you clean the whole system. Lastly, set the correct date and time on the recording device to make it record periods exactly how they happen.

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