Doorbell cameras, are they really worth it?

Doorbell cameras, are they really worth it?

Why use a doorbell camera instead of an ordinary ring doorbell? There are so many discussions and articles on the internet on doorbell cameras, some says it’s not worth it and some says it’s useful. I’m not in favor of anyone I just go with the facts. So I’m telling you some reasons “why is it essential to use video doorbell”? If you’re one of the decliners you say it’s just a replacement of peephole or you say it’s expensive. I agree to both yes it works as a digital peephole and its expensive for a doorbell but there are many other uses of it that pays you off. You can see below and make your decision.

It’s really more than a doorbell

As the bell has camera with them it can work as 24/7 watch dog for your house. With a video bell you can record whenever you want. If no one is home you’re anxious about your home security, you don’t have to worry about it as it can take care of your property even you’re not home it would be watching over your doors. Moreover, there are different video doorbells with great other functions.

Can’t be compare to a peephole

As I aforementioned that some decliners say that it serves just like a peephole but how it can be?

Peepholes have very specific view and fish eye which mostly not clear. If you use a peephole you observe that you’re often not completely sure who’s at the door.  If a person who has eye sight deficiency such as aged or handicap can’t have a vivid vision through peephole. Very importantly through peephole you can just see, you can’t communicate and that’s the biggest factor where you can’t relate them with each other.

Superiority on ring doorbells

Obviously a ring doorbell not has video function as camera doorbell but not only it’s over because of video facility, it comes with other advantages too. Ring doorbells only rings in a specific area where you put the speaker of the bell and sometimes when you’re in kitchen or in a place where can’t hear the sound how’s you gonna know when someone comes to your house. Maybe you will say you put speakers everywhere in but don’t you think it’ll disturbs the whole house. So it is best solution that it connects with your phone and whenever you bell ring you get informed through your phone.

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