Outdoor spotlight sensors

Outdoor spotlight sensors

Outdoor spotlight sensors are widely used for high security purposes. Those are installed outside of residential or public places to detect motion in the certain area which is covered through it. Areas such as entrances, walk ways, garages and high tech buildings are guarded by different types of spotlight sensors according to the place where which sort of light is needed. Such spotlights are also known as motion sensor lights. Below are some types, let’s see which light is for which place and the advantages of using those. For a more detailed analysis of the best outdoor motion sensor lights click here.


Passive infrared (PIR)

Passive infrared sensors are commonly used in home security systems. When a system is activated, it detects body heat which is infrared energy and calls the alarm. It shields the specific area and when any living entity like humans or animals comes to its range, it instantly spokes the siren. Its average range is 10m from the sensor. Those can be adjusted according to the specific preferences like it can be set to switch on its light on when detect a movement in its surroundings as well as remains the light on throughout and just triggers the alarm on motion alert.


  • Cheaper than any other spotlight sensor
  • Easily installed
  • Consumes less energy
  • Convenient at homes or small offices

Microwave sensor (MW)

These devices detect motion differently to PIR sensors, these notice the motion of any object, can human or non human entity. Such sensors are more sensitive than PIR sensors and react to even small objects or living beings like cat or dogs. They works by detecting the electrical energy is made in surroundings of its range. A single microwave sensor has an average range of 15m. A person moving into the detection zone causes a disruption in the microwave beam, causes triggering the lights. These lights rarely use because of the unnecessary sensitivity. Below are some specifications of those.


  • Expensive than PIR lights
  • Usually used with LED lights
  • Consumes more energy
  • Suitable in inactive places

Dual Technology motion sensor

These are made up from the combination of PIR and MW sensors. As possesses the both qualities they can be helpful in reducing the false alarm rate. Because in order to call the alarm both its sensors have to be tripped . Their average range is about 12m from the sensor. These are used usually in home automation center or in businesses, secures building or property as an energetic guard who watches day and night for protection.


  • Much expensive
  • Most Effective and active
  • Consume energy according to use
  • Used for very high security purposes


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