Ways to improve your home security without buying a camera system

Ways to improve your home security without buying a camera system

East and west secure their homes differently. The western world tend to rely on technology while the east relies more on traditional means. High walls with some sort or barbed deterrent and secured windows and doors are key security features in most eastern home.

If you think a camera system is too much for your pocket and you are unable to maintain the system, then go for the walls and secure your doors and windows eastern style.

The great wall at home

Having a high perimeter wall will ward off most criminal. It has to be strong enough to survive the weight of that creepy stalker if they do decide to climb up. Then you have to enforce the top of the perimeter wall with some sort of barbed lining that is kind to animals but not humans. Lots of perimeter walls are made up of blocks and weather resistant material. They are usually decorated with an ornamental crawling plant to make the wall look better.

Locks on a strong solid door

Most eastern homes have solid doors with little to no peep hole. And most have double doors, a steel or aluminium screen outer door and a solid door behind it. Both doors have a pin lock that can only be opened and closed from the inside. And the solid door has a secondary lock with a key. When there are people inside the pin lock is used and when it is time to sleep all locks are locked. When the house will be empty, only the solid door’s key lock is locked.

And as a security measure, there will always be a back door. The back door also has a screen door and a solid door, this time no pin locks and only a key lock. So when emergency strikes, there will always be a door you can unlock with a key.

Window bars

Yes, you also need to secure those windows. Best material to use is a very break resistant glass, more break resistant than your car windows. In the oriental east, a great number of houses and low cost apartments have metal bars that can be locked and unlocked with a padlock, yes, much like a prison cell. It works by the way.

Nope, those are not for me.

If you can’t have those three things, then I suggest turning to technology for deterrents. Fake TVs and smart lighting that goes on and off in a set time will deter most criminals as they think that there are people inside the house and they will think twice about it. There are also battery powered and motion activated cameras that will work outdoors so that if they do come in, you have some evidence.

Information is important

Before you make that great wall or turn your house into a very comfortable and secured cell. Do your research and ask an expert in home security or maybe your local government because sometimes there are building codes that must be followed even on private properties.

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