What are Z-Wave cameras?

What are Z-Wave cameras?

First let’s talk about Z-waves. Z-waves is a wireless communication protocol that is used by devices to communicate with each other on low-energy radio waves. It lets appliances and devices from different manufacturers to talk to one another without any additional installation as long as the brand is a member of the Z-wave alliance.  The idea is to fully automate the home or office with just 1 wall-mount controller instead of having 1 controller for each brand or manufacturer.

Z-wave compatibility

The Z-wave protocol was first released back in 2001. Around 2005 the first 5 members of the Z-wave alliance was formed. Almost all products manufactured by the companies in the alliance are compatible to Z-wave camera . As of April 2018, there are 2,400 products that can be controlled under Z-wave protocol.

Members of the alliance include Intermatic, Leviton, Techniku, Carrier, ADT Corporation, FAKRO, Ingersoll Rand, Jasco, LG Uplus, Nortek Security & Control, Sigma Designs, SmartThings, Honeywell, Bosch, Belkin, August Home and Black & Decker. In total the Z-wave alliance is now composed of 450 members.

Ask your manufacturer to know if they are also a member of the Z-wave alliance.

Z-wave camera

It is a normal security or house monitoring camera that one can buy, the only difference is with added hardware and software to be able to connect to the house’s Z-wave network. It is more secure than a normal systems camera since Z-wave is patented and is not easily hacked due to security measures placed with the software.

Since Z-wave is low powered and radio based, it is also safer and more cost effective to install than the non-Z-wave ones.

Top Z-Wave cameras

Here is a list of the top cameras talking on Z-wave protocol, in no particular order:

Schlage WCO100NX N N SL Home Outdoor Camera – this has live feed and infrared capabilities for night vision.

Schlage WCW100 Home Indoor Camera – indoor or outdoor camera with live feed access from your computer or smart phone.

Fortrezz SSA-01 Siren / Strobe Z-Wave Alarm – has alarm against intruders or disaster and has a strobe light function for emergency disaster.

Fortrezz SSA-01 Siren / Strobe Z-Wave Alarm Module Clear Lens – an indoor camera with a very loud alarm and super bright LED lights for emergencies.

Vera Control VistaCam 700 Wireless Camera – can record 720pixel HD video and has a built in backup memory with motion detectors.

Iris RC-8221 – can also record 720pixel HD video and is good for behind the counter surveillance.

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